Zenriser - Gradual Alarm Clock 1.0.2


The best gradual alarm.

This alarm clock wakes you up gradually and naturally over a period of 15 minutes. Just set the time you would to wake up, and Zenriser will do the rest. The screen gradually becomes brighter, with warm reds and oranges at first, on into yellow and white once the peaceful music begins.

Please note: the light eases in before the music. If you hear no sound at first, it is normal.

Features Include:

-Custom interface.
-3 alarm times.
-Gradually brighter screen, from red/orange to yellow/white.
-Ethereal music.

--Remember to leave your phone plugged in while the alarm is set and don't forget to turn it on before you go to sleep!--

Please let me know of any bugs that you run into so I can fix them in the next update!

Last Updated:2015-06-10 15:53:30
File size:1.19MB

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